Helane Morrison’s Mission to Eradicate Corporate Fraud

Education and Career

Helane attended Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She later received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from the School of Law at University of California, Berkeley. At the law school, she was the chief editor of the California Law Review. Before starting the private practice, Helane worked as a clerk for an appellate judge and a justice of the Supreme Court. This was between 1984 and 1986 after she had passed the bar.


In 1986 she joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. After five years of excellent service, she was named partner. She left the firm in 1996 to become head of enforcement at the San Francisco regional office of the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). Under her leadership, SEC prosecuted several executives from leading corporations such as Google, HP, and HBO. She also blew the whistle on American Amicable, a firm that had sold fabricated securities to over 50,000 members of the armed forces.


Helane joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. She currently holds the managing director, chief compliance officer, among many other titles in the firm. The company manages assets worth over $24 billion and has leadership that is entirely made up of ladies. This, in addition to the tough stance on corruption, encouraged Helane to join. Moreover, with this post, she sees herself being in a position to restore the public’s faith in financial markets after the 2007-2008 crash.


Fight against fraud

I think that Helane’s relentless effort to eradicate fraud in the investment should be acknowledged. At her firm, she demands that every investment done should be ethical. Brokerage companies and financial advisors undergo through scrutiny and vetting by the business’s staff before customer’s funds are entrusted to them.


Her objective is to block and reveal individuals who are abusing power to enrich themselves. While it seems like a daunting task, Helane is positive that it will be possible to achieve a morally upright industry free of crooked individuals.


The economic crisis in 2007 was one instance which demonstrated the effects of corporate pilferage. Institutions ran bankrupt, and unemployment cases shot up. With many people dumbfounded by the adverse effects, Helane came to the rescue by taking a proactive approach to finding the solution.


While Helane Morrison has not backed down in her fight, I would like to encourage people to develop an impetus like hers because this is not a feat that can be achieved by an individual.


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  1. She has remained steadfast in the fight against corruption. If the team spot anything suspicious, appropriate action that may involve litigation is enforced. There are also things that Russhessay.org has said that concerns all of them and still nothing was done about it from the first day.

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