Nathaniel Ru And Sweetgreen-Setting A New Way For Fast Food Restaurants!

Nathaniel Ru and his partners in Sweetgreen Resturants are changing the format in fast food chain restaurants. Real food that is locally grown is the mainstay of these eatery’s menu. Mainly salad based offerings, these restaurants buy fresh daily which means seasonally based choices is what is offered. The items must be grown organically and high quality.

But Sweetgreens values itself as more than just a restaurant. It chooses to be a community partner hosting musical events and partnering with other local businesses to host yoga lessons and promote healthy eating programs for children.

Sweetgreens looks to be a lifestyle name that promotes fresh, organic, local healthy choices in its food and its branding. Each restaurant is different in its architectural style and its menu. The building must fit into the style of buildings in the community and the menu will reflect what is grown locally.

Nathaniel Ru and his co-founders Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet met while taking an entrepreneurship class at Georgetown University. All of the student’s parents were proprietors of a family owned business and first-generation immigrants to this country.

Nathaniel was not happy with the local eateries and their food choices near the university. They opened their first eatery in 2007 and now have around 40 restaurants in major cities.

Sweetgreens operations are running without a large central headquarters. Five times a year, management reduces to a skeleton crew so that most of the staff can work in the restaurant.

The CEO’s work from offices located on the east and west coast to grow the eateries nationally. Sweetgreens is also keeping pace with technology as 30% of their business is done on their website and apps.

This companies core values are inspiring to the employees that work there, the people that eat there, and the community that partners with them. Nathaniel Ru built his business with a sound foundation of philosophies that is inspired by holistic principles:

Solutions must include a tri-win element that takes into regard the company, the customer, and the community. Make choices and decisions that will last longer than your lifetime. Read more: Sweetgreen Entreprenuers | Fortune

Make choices that are sustainable and in real time including your food and your relationships. Include the sweet touch that goes the extra mile in all of your connections every day.

Be sure the footprint you are leaving makes everything better than how you found it including your interactions with other people. Live a sweet passion-filled life and celebrate your true purpose.