A Preview Into Interesting Ways Mike Baur Has Transformed Lives Of Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a professional banker whose profession in banking came to a halt in 2014 when he chose to dive into entrepreneurship. This seems the best decision he ever made and he is happy to have chosen to work with upcoming entrepreneurs to shape their futures and hopes. Mike Baur runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he founded in 2014 immediately after leaving the Swiss private banking sector.


The company has been offering young and talented startups a platform where they can nurture their ideas and learn on the best practices for the attainment of success. It is an incubation center that offers three months incubation that is overseen and directed by experienced professionals in the business world. The Swiss Startup Factory has been offering two intakes each year and to this point, they have supported more than 20 startups. To get a clearer picture of how Mike Baur’s idea is helping to steer startups, below are some of the things entrepreneurs are able to access when they join the Swiss Startup Factory.


Leadership and management

Every startup or business needs some leadership support since at onset not many new entrepreneurs posses the needed leadership skills to steer their ideas towards success. The Swiss Startup Factory offers support to startups to ensure they come up with new and actionable ideas that help them to have a strong leadership team. The way resources are managed is also an issue about the kind of leadership that exists for a startup, and these are some of the areas startups are taken through at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Access to financing

One of the primary goals of founding the Swiss Startup Factory was to avail finance to startups that have good ideas but little financial muscle to implement their ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory offers support that allows their startups to access financing from the pool of investors who are invited to choose ideas they believe would grow into successful businesses.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland and he grew up in the same region. Since when he was in fourth grade, he dreamt about becoming a successful banking professional, a profession he pursued when he went to college. He joined the Swiss private banking industry and served for almost 20 years before he exited in 2014 to try his hand in entrepreneurship. His attempts at supporting startups materialized and now he is the happy founder of the Swiss Startup Factory.