Squaw Valley Statement

The Placer County Dept. of Environmental Health has reported that there were traces of E. coli and coliform bacteria found in the water at the Squaw Valley Resort. The Placer County Environmental Health had been working alongside Squaw Valley regarding the contamination. The Upper Mountain area of the resort was the only area that had contaminated water wells. The health department agreed to allow Squaw Valley Resort to open that area to its patrons for skiing, as long as they comply to protect the public’s health and shut down facilities that have the contaminated water.


Squaw Valley Resort’s water wells have been consistently treated and show great signs of improvement. Three out of four wells located in the Upper Mountain of the resort show low levels of the coliform bacteria, and absolutely no signs of E. coli. All of the restaurants will remain closed to the public until the contamination is fully eradicated. Skiers and other visitors are advised not to drink the water, but they can still use the famed resort to ski or snowboard. Guests will be accommodated with free bottled water for drinking.


The initial cause of this unfortunate incident developed after an unusually heavy rain storm. Several water systems located in Placer County have been affected by cross-contamination. Their upgraded water system that was installed over the summer failed and led to an inundation. Placer County Dept. of Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately following the incident. There were no reports of ill-health because the tainted water was not available to the public at any point.

Healthcare At InnovaCare Meets Patients Needs and Expectations!

When you look for good health care, you look for the best, and InnovaCare is Number 1 in Provider Networks, Medicare Advantage, and Medicaid Programs. Their mission is to consistently provide excellent care and constantly manage and improve their services at InnovaCare.

InnovaCare’s leadership is headed by Dr. Richard Shinto.

Dr. Shinto is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare. His prior 20 years of experience in the management field of healthcare include such positions as President and CEO of Aveta Inc. Also served as CMO, Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California, COO, Chief Operating Officer and CMO for Medical Pathways Management Company, after serving as Corporate VP of Medical Management for MedPartners from 1996 to 1997. Learn more about Rick on XRepublic.

Dr. Shinto is no stranger to clinical medicine. He has authored many articles in the healthcare and clinical field, and always with insight into improving and managing healthcare.

Penelope Kokkinides serves as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare

Kokkinides had previously served as COO of InnovaCare, but had left and returned to take a position as CAO, which she and Dr. Shinto, together have excelled the healthcare at InnovaCare to reach new acceptance heights in the area of patient care and praise for improving efficiencies at the facility.

InnovaCare Announces Alternative Payment Models (APMs)

The introduction of participation in the CMS APMs ensures patients of their continued exceptional care and this results in taxpayer money being spent more wisely to improve patient care and their health.


Rick Shinto, a pioneer in the concept of medical provider networks was the recipient of the Access of Caring Award presented to him at the Western University of Health Sciences’ annual “A Tribute to Caring” gala affair. The award presented was recognition for the difference he has made in advancing access to better healthcare for the underserved recipients.

The gala was held at the Disneyland Hotel in Anaheim, CA, and more than 550 guests attended this event. The event also raised money for student scholarships. The students who were recipients of the scholarships were thrilled to attend and stated, “It helps build our confidence when someone else has faith in you. It helps push you to be a better student. Read more about Rick Shinto on BusinessWire.Com

Vision & Values of InnovaCare

Number One on the list of values at this facility is “Patients Come First, and Quality Medical Care is the End Goal.” Everyone working at this facility works toward the goals and values of InnovaCare.

Mikhail Blagosklonny – A Jack of All Trades

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a Jack of all trades. He is a qualified physician, scientist and professor of medicine and oncology. He did an M.D. in Internal Medicine and PhD in Experimental Medicine from the First Pavlov State Medical University of St Petersburg. He was appointed to the position of Associate Professor of Medicine at New York Medical College at Valhalla in New York back in the year 2002.

Soon after this appointment, he got another appointment as Senior Scientist at the Ordway Research Institute in Albany, New York. He worked in this capacity till 2009 when he got another cherished appointment. He was appointed as Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute where he is working to date. Mikhail Blagosklonny is also a dedicated believer in showcasing of new scientific findings. He is a current Editor-in Chief at Oncortarget. Read more about Mikhail at LinkedIn.com

He is also a member of the Cell Death and Differentiation editorial board in the same journal. He is also an Associate Editor of Cancer Biology and Therapy at Oncotarget. He is the founding Editor and Editor-in Chief of the journal Cell Cycle. Indeed he is a custodian of new biomedical findings. Mikhail is not only an editor but has written academic papers himself. He has written more than 270 papers with more than 25,000 citations. This has merited him an h-index of 83.

He has done a lot of studies in Biogerontology i.e. the study of mechanisms of aging. He is a proponent of TOR signalling in aging and cancer progression. He is a strong advocate of Rapamycin, a popular cancer drug, use as an anti-aging agent. It is clear from the foregoing that Mikhail Blagosklonny is a lover of science and medicine.

He has extended his passion into his career with various high-profile appointments. He also edits papers at Cell Cycle and Oncortarget. He continues to serve the biomedical community in his capacity as Professor of Oncology at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. View Mikhail’s profile on Google Scholar

Helane Morrison’s Mission to Eradicate Corporate Fraud

Education and Career

Helane attended Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She later received her Doctor of Jurisprudence from the School of Law at University of California, Berkeley. At the law school, she was the chief editor of the California Law Review. Before starting the private practice, Helane worked as a clerk for an appellate judge and a justice of the Supreme Court. This was between 1984 and 1986 after she had passed the bar.


In 1986 she joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. After five years of excellent service, she was named partner. She left the firm in 1996 to become head of enforcement at the San Francisco regional office of the Securities and Exchanges Commission (SEC). Under her leadership, SEC prosecuted several executives from leading corporations such as Google, HP, and HBO. She also blew the whistle on American Amicable, a firm that had sold fabricated securities to over 50,000 members of the armed forces.


Helane joined Hall Capital Partners LLC in 2007. She currently holds the managing director, chief compliance officer, among many other titles in the firm. The company manages assets worth over $24 billion and has leadership that is entirely made up of ladies. This, in addition to the tough stance on corruption, encouraged Helane to join. Moreover, with this post, she sees herself being in a position to restore the public’s faith in financial markets after the 2007-2008 crash.


Fight against fraud

I think that Helane’s relentless effort to eradicate fraud in the investment should be acknowledged. At her firm, she demands that every investment done should be ethical. Brokerage companies and financial advisors undergo through scrutiny and vetting by the business’s staff before customer’s funds are entrusted to them. If the team spot anything suspicious, appropriate action that may involve litigation is enforced.


She has remained steadfast in the fight against corruption. Her objective is to block and reveal individuals who are abusing power to enrich themselves. While it seems like a daunting task, Helane is positive that it will be possible to achieve a morally upright industry free of crooked individuals.


The economic crisis in 2007 was one instance which demonstrated the effects of corporate pilferage. Institutions ran bankrupt, and unemployment cases shot up. With many people dumbfounded by the adverse effects, Helane came to the rescue by taking a proactive approach to finding the solution.


While Helane Morrison has not backed down in her fight, I would like to encourage people to develop an impetus like hers because this is not a feat that can be achieved by an individual.


Norman Pattiz – A Brief Review

Norman Pattiz is one of the most notable figures that have shaped modern-day media broadcasting. His name and portrait already hangs in the National Radio Hall of Fame for his achievements, and yet he is far from done.


Career Overview

Norman Pattiz’s career has been eventful and undoubtedly successful to the point of national recognition. Pattiz was appointed by President Clinton in 2000 and again by President Bush in 2002 to serve on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America. He was tasked with developing America’s Arabic radio as well as launching TV services throughout the Middle East. He also oversaw the Farsi language broadcasting in Iran, and under his leadership the broadcasts reached an audience of over 40 million listeners.


He is also popular for being the founder of Westwood One, the largest provider of entertainments, news, sports, and talk broadcasting services in the U.S. The company oversaw most of the operations of major networks such as CNN Radio, NFL Football, and a host of NBC Radio networks. It also managed the Super Bowl as well as both summer and winter Olympic Games. What’s more, it hosts a variety of talk and music shows.


Today, Norman Pattiz is the founder and CEO of PodcastOne, one of the top providers of audio-on-demand programming services. PodcastOne is quickly establishing itself and is already popular with top brands and personalities such as Larry King, Freakonomics, Shaquille O’Neal, and Dr. Drew, among others. The company is also taking other minor podcasts under its wings, and this is fast fueling its growth.


Norman Pattiz has been recognized by many authorities for his success in the media industry. His greatest recognition came in 2009 when he was awarded the Giants of Broadcasting Award and got inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame.


About Norman Pattiz

Norman Pattiz is a media mogul with over 40 years of experience in the industry. He is the founder of several media companies including Westwood One, PodcastOne, and Courtside Entertainment Group. He has also served in high-capacity levels in the federal government including as a member of the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States of America.


Norman Pattiz is also a loving husband to his wife of 30 years, Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz. He emphasizes the need to make the best of time, and he prefers listening to books rather than reading, understandably.

Learn more:


A Quick Tip On Reputation Management

Gossip can be very destructive. People think that it is a lot of fun and it can be quite amusing to share these things with their friends. But the problem with gossip is that it is often an unfounded rumor or an exaggeration. By sharing these stories with friends, you are ruining their reputation in the community and their friendships. People might be less likely to invite her to social events as a result of this gossip. She might be fired from her job as a result of this rumor. The same can be said of managing one’s reputation on the Internet. For the entrepreneur, reputation management will probably be one of her central focuses. That is why Forbes offered this advice to professionals who want to improve their reputation.

Use Negative Reviews To Build Yourself Up

Negative reviews are often seen of as something that need to be combated. Almost as though you need to compel these dissatisfied customers to keep quiet. But quite the opposite is true, reveals onlinereputationreviews.com. Dissatisfied customers should speak out. It is not as though they actively attempting to destroy the company. They are merely sharing an experience.

Many companies see dissatisfied customers as an opportunity to improve their service. They will gather all of the complaints and then actively look for ways to improve those shortcomings. As a result, they come a stronger company. That is why Forbes suggested that the entrepreneur Google herself. Find out what bad things people are saying and then try to fill those gaps.


Julie Zuckerberg’s multi talented career

Deutsche Bank, Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, Julie Zuckerberg is well known in the business world. She is well known for her ability to work closely with business executives in the private wealth field as well as the commercial business side of management. She is remarkably highly skilled at developing negotiations including high level managerial offers involving company stakeholders. Her seasoned advice is often key for hiring and her recruitment ideology is known to have a direct impact on the proficiency of a company’s performance expectations and often attracts a variety of multi-skilled and diverse personnel.


Julie was an Executive Recruiter before stepping up as Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and has also served as the Vice President of Deutsche Bank, where her duties extended to managing important relationships with exclusive business firms to form a highly valuable network of competent personnel. She has also formed relationships with numerous business associates to better handle the hiring process for recruiting candidates. This is necessary to fill such important positions as Investor Relations, Regional Management and US Compliance, to name only a few.


She has a great deal of business experience, such as serving as the Director of Candidate Placement during her time working at Hudson Global Resources America, Inc., which was her first job in 2002. There, during her 5 years of employment at Hudson, she recruited a variety of legal teams and management personnel for a multitude of firms, to cover a number of positions that were available at the time. After her departure from Hudson, she devoted her time to Citi Global Consumer Bank. While there, she performed the duties of the Executive Recruiter where she was free to utilize advanced methods of creativity to recruit personnel by means of the internet, taking advantage of social media and direct sourcing, to name only a few of the valuable and extremely creative methods that she employed. Julie exhibits an ability to juggle multiple tasks at hand and while employed at Citi Global consumer Bank, she also served as the Vice President of the company. Some of her more interesting duties included relocation of new employees through immigration services.


Her experience as a Corporate Vice President at New York Life Insurance Company, provided her with the experience to manage the hiring process to better fill open positions with qualified talent.


Outside of the business environment, Julie enjoys living in New York with interest in such hobbies as technological innovations, cuisine, athleticism, volunteering for charitable events and photography.

Lime Crime Has Been Winning Customers Since Its Inception on eBay

Lime Crime is a privately held cosmetics company with panache and style. Its name is being touted among legends in the industry. What has sparked this sensational company growth? I decided to discover the answers to the company’s success by going to the source of their initial marketing, eBay. Doe Deere began selling this oddly named line of make-up on eBay in 2008 and Deere, the company head, and the business have never looked back.

Once you are connected with eBay, there is a multitude of products by Lime Crime to examine. I was interested in the quality of advertising materials used and found the composition and color in the ad photos to be enticing. This is just what you want from eBay advertising. It was not the poorly photographed and badly written ad copy eBay buyers have come to expect. What it was, was professionally sourced photos and color composition of a major player in the cosmetics line. The prices seemed to be in line with other designer cosmetics prices.

One small but perhaps consequential item I noticed was an omission or an intentional omission of a small but distinguishable flaw on the face of the lipstick model for Lime Crime. On the right of the model’s face was a beauty mark or a blemish; something very easy to airbrush out, but on second thought, I realized that the company was appealing to the customer base, and wanted to portray a less than perfect image of a professional model. This appeal was for the many young women who lack perfect faces but want to be in vogue or in the case of this company want to be “edgy.”

From this examination of the product and the company, they seem to have discovered their target audience, called unicorns and have succeeded with their marketing endeavors. Lime Crime remains extremely popular with makeup retailers like BeautyBay and their Love-Makeup.co.uk page. The company is fueling this reactionary trend with young women that is popular in the American culture today. What is obvious from an examination of the product on eBay is that all details of the company’s model for success have worked beautifully.

A Preview Into Interesting Ways Mike Baur Has Transformed Lives Of Entrepreneurs

Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and a professional banker whose profession in banking came to a halt in 2014 when he chose to dive into entrepreneurship. This seems the best decision he ever made and he is happy to have chosen to work with upcoming entrepreneurs to shape their futures and hopes. Mike Baur runs the Swiss Startup Factory, which he founded in 2014 immediately after leaving the Swiss private banking sector.


The company has been offering young and talented startups a platform where they can nurture their ideas and learn on the best practices for the attainment of success. It is an incubation center that offers three months incubation that is overseen and directed by experienced professionals in the business world. The Swiss Startup Factory has been offering two intakes each year and to this point, they have supported more than 20 startups. To get a clearer picture of how Mike Baur’s idea is helping to steer startups, below are some of the things entrepreneurs are able to access when they join the Swiss Startup Factory.


Leadership and management

Every startup or business needs some leadership support since at onset not many new entrepreneurs posses the needed leadership skills to steer their ideas towards success. The Swiss Startup Factory offers support to startups to ensure they come up with new and actionable ideas that help them to have a strong leadership team. The way resources are managed is also an issue about the kind of leadership that exists for a startup, and these are some of the areas startups are taken through at the Swiss Startup Factory.


Access to financing

One of the primary goals of founding the Swiss Startup Factory was to avail finance to startups that have good ideas but little financial muscle to implement their ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory offers support that allows their startups to access financing from the pool of investors who are invited to choose ideas they believe would grow into successful businesses.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur was born in Fribourg, Switzerland and he grew up in the same region. Since when he was in fourth grade, he dreamt about becoming a successful banking professional, a profession he pursued when he went to college. He joined the Swiss private banking industry and served for almost 20 years before he exited in 2014 to try his hand in entrepreneurship. His attempts at supporting startups materialized and now he is the happy founder of the Swiss Startup Factory.


Dherbs.com Offers Cleanses to Fit the Needs of Men, Women, and Children

Updated Feb. 8th, 2017:
Dherbs.com CEO A.D. Dolphin was on the Steve Harvey show to give out some advice about following the raw food diet. He organized his healthy cleanses to give people a taste of eating raw and healthy, but it’s not an easy lifestyle to adapt, without a little effort on your part. That’s why Mr. Dolphin pointed out easy ways to make recipes that are okay to eat in conjunction with a Dherbs.com cleanse.

If you’re looking to treat your body to a new natural cleanse explore what Dherbs.com has to offer. This natural herbal cleanse provider offers cleanses for multiple purposes. While they offer a full body cleanse to detoxify the body and increase energy levels they also offer specific cleanses such as the anti-viral cleanse and the fibroid cleanse. Their anti-viral cleanse helps to boost the immune system, releases toxins and waste and nourishes the skin. This is a great cleanse to include in your daily regimen as the temperatures drop and flu season comes underway. The fibroid cleanse is targeted toward the needs of women as it helps strengthen and cleanse the uterus, ovaries, and cervix. In addition, the fibroid cleanse can help to maintain healthy iron levels and normal menstrual cycles.   All of this information is available on Dherbs.com’s LinkedIn page.

For men looking to improve their reproductive health and libido there is the male cleanse. Among other benefits such as increased sex drive, the male cleanse can increase natural testosterone and helps maintain a healthy urinary track and prostate. While urinary tract infections (UTIs) are less common in men than women, it is not uncommon for women with a UTI to transfer their infection to their partner. This is one of the many reasons men should take an active role in their own urinary track health.


One of the major perks to any Dherbs.com cleanse and regimen is that the cleanse only requires a 20 day commitment. In addition, many of the cleanses such as the full body cleanse and the pancreas cleanse can be offered as liquid extracts for use with children. For those interested in a more speedy cleanse there are 10 day cleanses available. Among the 10 day cleanses there are specific cleanses for blood, heart, liver, colon, and kidney rejuvenation. If you are looking to try a new cleanse and regimen today give on of the cleanses at Dherbs.com a try in their store.

But in reality, Dherbs.com is all about healthy eating as a part of a lifestyle change, which is why they provide so many recipes and resources for trying a raw food, vegan diet.

Health is a major concern for millions of people across the country. They strive to maintain or improve their health. Their strong commitment to good health begins with eating a healthy and nutritional meal. Dherbs.com is committed to providing healthy products that assist people in reaching their healthy goals. They believe that healthy eating begins with going back to the basics and consuming more natural foods. Certainly, their healthy, full body cleanse and Vegan recipes are proof of their commitment to healthy eating. Here are a few of their top recipes to consider.

Super Food Smoothie
Certainly, smoothies are very popular with those that are trying to lose weight or stay healthy. Their super food smoothie includes healthy ingredients like kale, pears, bananas, and maple syrup. Kale is packed with nutritional value and is easy to consume, mixed with the other key ingredients and fashioned into a tasty smoothie.

Metabolism Booster Juice
Often, people on a weight loss program find that their metabolism is sluggish. Well, this juice contains a number of key ingredients that are designed to boost the metabolism and help to improve weight loss. The key ingredients include green apples, cucumbers, beetroot, ginger, and lemon. All ingredients are Vegan and body cleanse approved.

Fat Burning Juice
The key to losing more weight, is burning off the fat. This Dherbs.com Fat Burning Juice is designed to help burn more fat. The juice includes fat burning ingredients that are also very healthy. Some of the key ingredients include green cucumbers, celery stalks, beets, lime, green apple, and mint. All of the ingredients are natural and Vegan. They are the ingredients that are nutritionally sound and support a healthier lifestyle.

All the recipes that are included are full body cleanse approved and part of the Dherbs.com fabulous line of healthy and nutritious recipes for good health.